Joining forces with Markecloud

There’s this new amazing e-commerce platform on the block, it’s called Marketcloud. It works differently from the existing solutions, it gives developers and agencies full control over the final online store. While on the other hand store owners get an easy to use dashboard, called Storm, to manage their shops.

So what do we mean by “Joinging forces”? Well it means we are going to help the Marketcloud team further develop their product as we believes it gives great value to agencies like ours. The way digital products are developed is changing, existing CMS systems are becoming outdated and are proving to be limited. In comes API or modular driven development. In the case of e-commerce using a pure API allows the shop to not only be viewed in the browser but also from any IOT device or chat bot. The freedom is left to the developer and theres no limits.

Marketcloud is also setup in a way that it scales with your needs, if your selling to 30 or 300.000 customers a month, you don’t have to worry about any infrastructure or scaling problems, their infrastructure is made by developers experienced in scaling these sort of products.

If you’re looking for a better e-commerce platform I urge you to check them out at